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  • replicates the natural magnetic field and low frequencies of the earth, heals body and mind like mother nature 
  • world first portable physical therapy device that integrated Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) and High Voltage Electrostatic Potential (HELP)
  • class II medical device certified by Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare 
  • certification to ISO 13485 medical device safety and quality standard
  • compliant to CE and UL standard
  • Price listed in US dollar


SKU: 4719893110067
  • Generate energies you take from Nature 

    • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)
    • High Voltage Electrostatic Potentail (HELP) 
    • Thermal Energy 
    • Negative Ions 
    • Far Infrared Ray

    Recharge body system 

    • Improve energy level
    • Replenish cellular voltage 
    • Regenerate healthy cell

    Improve sense of wellbeing 

    • Reduce chronic pain, inflammation and swelling
    • Improve sleep and mental focus
    • Tone the autonomic nervous system (ANS)


    • Restore healthy pH balance 
    • Stimulate cells making collagen 
    • Encourage neuroplasticity via enhancing gamma activity 
    • Prevent ADHD, depression and learning disabilities 


    • Remove metabolic waste 
    • Facilitate weight loss by lowering the viscosity (density) of water to emulsify fat 
    • Purify skin 

    Enhance vitality 

    • Reduce blood viscosity thus speed up blood flow 
    • Cells, tissues and organs adequately nourished 
    • Clear pathways for information to flow through body 
    • Help the body maintain a better state of local tissue alkalinity through the reduction of inflammation and improved circulation 

    Release stress 

    • Increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin 
    • Low frequency useful for deep meditation  
    • Relieve headache and migraine 
    • Reduce mild depression and anxiety
    • Improve sleep and mood
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