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Vigo Health Technology is an innovative company with offices in Taiwan, China and the UK. For the last 20 years, we have developed energy therapy products that have helped 2 million people improve their life and health.  The research group was led by the leading Chinese scientist in magnetic field and laser, Professor Pan Jianyue with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Vigo Technology packs five key natural energies that mimic the harmonic powers from the earth itself in one device. The energies can activate body cells and enhance the human immune system, enabling the human body to operate at optimum levels and improving people’s wellbeing.

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Vigo Energy Therapy_Ultra Long Electro-Magnetic Waves

Ultra Long Electro-Magnetic Waves (ULEMW)

harvest Ultra Long Electro-Magnetic Waves (ULEMW) from PEMF, fine tune the waves into directional and coordinated energy output, utilize its penetrating property to specifically mimic the earth’s natural healing power, promoting tissue cell vitality, injury healing and bone density growth

Enhances the Body's Innate Ability to Heal


Energy is a key ingredient to giving 100% on a daily basis. Vigo Energy Pal will revitalize your body and mind to perform at better levels and return the bouncing under your feet. With rejuvenated cells, the body becomes healthier through regeneration, helping you regain sense of wellbeing.


A key component to good physical health and injury prevention is flexibility. Like Yoga, stretching, and other exercises, Vigo contributes to increased flexibility, helps to reduce stiffness in joints, leading to improved mobility and flexibility.

pain relief

When you live with chronic pain every day, you might worry that surgical options are the only way to find relief. Vigo Energy Pal offers nonsurgical pain-relief options for a variety of chronic pain conditions affecting your back, neck, joints, and other areas of your body, to help you take back control of your life. 


Stress and tension drains energy. Vigo Energy Pal is especially effective at helping to promote body-wide relaxation. The warmth felt in tense muscles when exposed to low level PEMF brings a change in your breathing pattern and reduction in muscular tension as your body relaxes.


Sleep is an essential component of recovery, attitude, wellness and happiness. Vigo Energy Pal delivers healing energy waves that will realign your mind and body, so you’re prepared to face the day in the morning and ready for bed at night.


As we get older, we accumulate aches and pains that make it tougher to face each day with the energy and stamina we had when we were younger. Using Vigo Energy Pal for just 30-60 minutes per session, helps to revitalize your body and makes life easier to tackle.


When you add Vigo Energy Pal to your daily routine, like many athletes all over the world, you may notice significant improvements in your sports performance, physical strength and conditioning, and athletic recovery.

mental focus

Vigo Energy Pal has demonstrated effectiveness in clearing brain fog, boosting mood, and even successfully treating depression through modifying neurochemical imbalances. The result is a balance in hormonal, improved cognitive 
function and ability to focus.

Access to Your Ultimate Charging Station

Chiropractic and Massage

Chiropractic and Massage

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In Workplace

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Alternative Treatment

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Wellness Center

If you are looking to resell our products in your practice or retail space or purchase products to use in your practice, spa, studio, fitness center, hotel or any commercial space - you are in the right place!

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Vigo Energy Therapy_User Testimonials_Alisha


aches and pains are not there anymore, my skin is much more glowing, feel more fresher to start my day, help with my time of the month cramps

Vigo Energy Therapy_User Testimonials_Elle


hugely helped the swelling in my knees and ankles, there was a lot less pain, stopped taking pain relief entirely, sleep better without sleeping tablets, improved sense of wellbeing and mental health

Vigo Energy Therapy_User Testimonials_Austin


it keeps me feeling energized, I can definitely sleep a lot better, it's so simple to use, it's there with me as my constant companion

Vigo Energy Therapy_User Testimonials_Kathleen


it calms me down, I managed to get down the steps on my own, back to the garden, became more active, it is simple to use, just put my feet on top of it, sit and relax

Vigo Energy Therapy_Holistic


Chinese Medicine has been used for over two thousand years in the treatment of various ailments and disease and has been prescribed for anything as simple as common cold to digestive problems, pain, high blood pressure and skin issues to name a few. 

Vigo energy product is developed by applying Chinese medicine principle and electromagnetic science in a way that holistic treatment has ever strived to achieve. Rather than adopting a single energy modality, such as PEMF, Vigo product has put together a multi-energy combination.

As “emperor” energies, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) and HPE (High Potential Electrostatic), target the main complaint or condition, followed by “minister” energies, FIR (Far Infrared Ray) and NI (Negative Ions), that target secondary complaints but also assist the “emperor”, eventually facilitated by a “helper” energy, programmed moxibustion, that guide the energies to specific parts of the body or channels for optimal effect. 

Vigo products treat the client as a whole, not only addressing the main complaint but also improving sense of wellbeing, and restoring balance of body and mind. 

Vigo Energy Therapy_Natural


Being the most powerful healer, Mother Nature offers unconditional love to people and animals in the form of air, food, water and gentle energy. 


We are born, live, grow and thrive in an electromagnetic environment that is present everywhere in nature. Even our body’s 70 trillion cells hold an electromagnetic charge and communicate with each other via electromagnetic exchange. If a cell begins to lose this charge, it cannot optimally perform its intended function, leading to imbalances in the body that may eventually become disease. 

Vigo product can recharge the whole body via electromagnetic fields simulating those produced by the earth in frequency, intensity, waveform and resonance, becoming a simple, fast and effective way to improve the healing potential of every cell in the body.  

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