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Oct 11, 2022
In From Dr. Tsai
Did you ever wish that you had limitless energy and improved health and wellness? We all know that nutrition and exercise are two key factors for optimal health. The third important factor that is often overlooked is cellular voltage. Our bodies are designed to recover and heal through regeneration, or the making of new healthy cells. When your cells are healthy and functioning properly you're better equipped to fight back against illness and injury. The body gets well by making new cells that work correctly, and in fact chronic disease can occur when you lose that ability. Healthy cells equal a healthy body. The sources for this vital voltage exist in nature in the form of the Sun, lightning strikes, Earth's magnetic fields and cosmic rays. But unfortunately, we don't spend enough time outside to expose ourselves to these natural energies. ​ But now there is a way for you to gain exposure to this vital voltage on demand. The Vigo energy pal is the only system that simultaneously replicates five types of natural energies: PEMF , High Voltage, Far infrared ray, Negative Ions and Thermal, and allows your body to passively absorb them in a 30-minute session. When optimal cellular voltage and function are achieved, your cells take in nutrients more effectively, detoxify and generate new and healthy cells. Inherited acupuncture practice from traditional Chinese medicine, Vigo Energy Pal delivers the energies deep into your body via meridian lines, helping improve things like energy levels, mental focus, better sleep and accelerated recovery times. Just sit comfortably with the Vigo Energy Pal, placing it in contact with your body, and relax for 30 to 60 minutes while your body is bathed in the five energy types. It is non-invasive and you can work or carry on doing your daily business while getting recharged. Vigo Energy Pal helps people interested in an alternative therapy to support them in their wellness journey. It is the ultimate human recharging station. Vigo Energy Pal charges your body and mind.


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